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Friday, April 29, 2011

RDS Host: Requested session access is denied

A user trying to connect to a RDS host 2008 R2 (workgroup environment) got the error message "requested session access is denied". The user is member of the local remotedesktop user group and
the permission "Allow logon via Remotedesktop servies" is granted.
When granting administrative rights the issue will not appear.

Solution: Remove the /admin parameter in the remote desktop connection. The user was trying to connect to the RDS host console session. This of course will not work with user rights.


  1. How to specific Remove the /admin parameter in the remote desktop connection? Thanks

  2. I'm in a catch 22. My win10 PC gets a licensing error when trying to remote into our RDS server. The only way to get past that errror is to run with /admin. That allows me to connect to the server but then I can't log on to the network with my regular account, only the domain admin account works.